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If you have not yet done so, please link to the INCTR main site (http://www.inctr.org) where you can download a membership form to renew your membership, or to become a member. To enhance the value of the membership program you can also provide the application form to friends and colleagues who would like to become members of INCTR and you think would like to contribute to building capacity for cancer control. The link is "http://www.inctr.org/membership."

Once you have registered with wikidot, and logged in, you may complete a small "profile" form (go to may create your own page, which can be used however you wish - eg., to make comments or provide information about your own accomplishments, international work undertaken by your own institution or management of complications of treatment of a disease etc. Additional pages must have different names. To edit a page, you must be a member of INCTR.

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To discuss issues in Cancer Control and INCTR's programs, please use the INCTR Forum. Do not forget to save the page each time you edit it.

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